What is the symbolism of a train on a wedding dress?

Do all wedding dresses have trains?

There are wedding dress train types of every shape and size to choose from, from understated styles that just sweep the floor to regal lengths that trail the bride by ten feet. Choosing a particular style dress doesn’t inhibit your ability to have a train and vice versa.

What is a brush train on a wedding dress?

A sweep train, also known as a “brush” train because it just brushes the ground, is the shortest of all wedding dress trains. It falls gracefully from the back of the skirt of the bridal gown and extends only six inches to one foot behind the bride.

Can a train be removed from a wedding dress?

The dress is too much; can I remove the train? Absolutely. The dress can be made the same length all around in most cases, sometime very easily and sometimes with a lot more work. Sometimes just taking out the extra layers of crinoline can help get the desired fullness.

How do you walk in a wedding dress on a train?

If your dress is super-full or designed with a train, try not to walk or step backwards (again, you’ll risk ripping the fabric). Instead, reach behind you and delicately lift the back of your skirt with your hand, or enlist the help of an attendant.

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