What do the wedding sheets symbolize in Othello?

What does the wedding sheets represent?

By putting the wedding sheets on the bed, Desdemona is symbolically trying to renew and strengthen the marriage and remind Othello that he too has duties of love. Iago is keen to hear how Othello has spoken to Desdemona but is disconcerted when she starts to weep: “Do not weep, do not weep: alas the day!” (126).

What does the bed symbolize in Othello?

Iago draws Othello into war on terrain that he did not choose, and where his many “troops” (his qualities) cannot fight. The bedroom is the ultimate site of love, and the realm of woman.

What does the handkerchief symbolize?

Since the handkerchief was the first gift Desdemona received from Othello, she keeps it about her constantly as a symbol of Othello’s love. … Othello claims that his mother used it to keep his father faithful to her, so, to him, the handkerchief represents marital fidelity.

Why does Desdemona want her wedding sheets on her bed?

Second, upon consummating their marriage Othello would see the virginal blood and know that Desdemona was not the whore he had accused her of being. Critics may argue that she wanted the sheets put on her bed to remind Othello that when they consummated their marriage she was a virgin.

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What does Othello represent?

He makes this symbol of love and trust into one of unfaithfulness and betrayal. And so Othello is completely undone by the loss of the handkerchief, because it represents the loss of Desdemona; he crumbles into incoherent shouts of “the handkerchief!” as he is overwhelmed by Iago’s lies.

What does Iago do after he asks Othello to hide?

Iago orders Othello to hide nearby and observe Cassio’s face during their conversation. Iago explains that he will make Cassio retell the story of where, when, how, and how often he has slept with Desdemona, and when he intends to do so again. When Othello withdraws, Iago informs the audience of his actual intention.

What does Othello accept as proof of Desdemona’s infidelity?

5. Othello receives ‘proof’ of his wife’s infidelity (Act 4 Scene 1) … Iago suggests Othello should strangle her in bed and he promises to kill Cassio. When Desdemona arrives with news from Venice, she inadvertently ignites Othello’s fury by referring to her regard for Cassio, for which he strikes her.

What do you call a woman’s handkerchief?

Historically known as a handkercher or kerchief, it helps to wipe those unavoidable wedding tears, blow a persistent runny nose or even save the planet (think landfills). Every woman can rely on a good handkerchief during times of love and sorrow.

Is using a handkerchief sanitary?

Handkerchiefs are adequately sanitary if stored away immediately after use (e.g., in a pocket or purse), followed by the user washing his or her hands. … Tissues are adequately sanitary if disposed of immediately after use, followed by the user washing his or her hands.

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