Quick Answer: Why are you supposed to have something blue at wedding?

Why do you have to wear something blue on your wedding day?

Something blue

Blue is the color of love, purity, faithfulness, and modesty. To keep with tradition, the bride can wear a blue piece of jewelry.

Are you supposed to wear something blue on your wedding day?

While wearing or carrying “something blue” was also meant to deflect that pesky Evil Eye, the color blue stands for love, purity and fidelity—three key qualities for a solid marriage. The traditional “something blue” was often a blue garter worn beneath the bride’s white dress.

Who buys bride garter?

The answer is: Anyone can buy the wedding garter.

The mother of the bride can get her daughter a special wedding garter. (Maybe the mother of the bride uses lace from her wedding dress to have a custom bridal garter made using the heirloom material!)

What can a bride wear that is blue?

Here are 15 of our favorite “something blue” wedding ideas.

  • Ombré Veil. Olivia Graham. …
  • Cocktail Ring. Olivia Graham. …
  • Wedding Dress Sash. Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier. …
  • Bouquet. Erika Parker. …
  • Earrings. Olivia Graham. …
  • Shoes. …
  • Garter. …
  • Light Blue Mani.

Do brides still do something old something new?

The phrase comes from the English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe.” Although in present day, the first four items are most familiar, some modern brides still maintain the tradition of putting a sixpence or penny in their shoe.

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What does the garter symbolize?

Good Luck and Fertility

In the late Renaissance period, the garter began to symbolize good luck and sometimes even fertility. During these years and for hundreds of years after, the garter remained a lucky symbol for whoever held or wore it.

Why do grooms take off the garter?

At modern weddings, the removing and tossing of the garter is now the privilege of the groom at the reception. He tosses the garter to the unmarried male guests at the wedding. It is thought that catching the garter will bring you good luck and in, some cases, indicate that you will be married next.