Is The Bride Test a sequel to The Kiss Quotient?

Should you read the kiss quotient before The Bride Test?

To answer questions about The Bride Test, please sign up. Marcela Macias Not necessarily. But if you plan to read it (and it’s an awesome book, so I can absolutely recommend it), read it before this book because you’ll see some of the characters from TKQ in TBT.

Does the kiss quotient have a sequel?

The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient, #2) by Helen Hoang.

Is the kiss quotient a series?

The Kiss Quotient is the first book in a series by Hoang, who is an autistic adult. The novel was hailed as one of The Washington Post’s 50 Notable Works of Fiction and one of Amazon’s Top 100 Books of 2018.

Is the kiss quotient a standalone?

Helen Hoang’s Kiss Quotient Series

Hoang’s nuanced and emotional novels can be read as standalone novels as they share only a handful of characters and a setting. Each is a complete, memorable romance in its own right.

Are Michael and Stella in The Bride Test?

However, Stella was only mentioned in passing while Michael actually participates in a few scenes, most notably the hilarious phone call where Quan and Michael help Khai conduct an analysis of what went right and what went wrong during Khai’s first sexual encounter with Esme.

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Is The Bride Test a sequel?

A sequel titled The Bride Test was published by Berkley in May 2019. The novel is about Esme, a hotel maid who gets offered to accompany Khai to a wedding: Khai is the autistic cousin of Michael mentioned in The Kiss Quotient.

How does The Bride Test end?

How did The Bride Test end? On the day of the wedding, Khai gets his act together and realises that he is capable of love. He rides Adam’s motorbike to the wedding ceremony. Esme and Quan are about to get married.

Is The Bride Test a stand alone?

Seriously though, The Bride Test can be read as a standalone very easily because Khai, the main character, only got just enough page time in the previous book for readers to notice his star potential. If you have read the first book, you can delight in a wedding that occurs during the book.

What is a stand alone book?

A standalone novel requires a lot of preciseness. It is a self-contained story so, for readers, it will feel clean and complete within itself. However, because the story will be contained within the confines of a single book–rather than several–not a single moment can be wasted.