Can I marry my mother’s brother’s daughter in Islam?

Is it OK to marry mother’s brother’s daughter?

The same relationships would of course obtain for a female ego. However, cross cousin marriage rules per se are specified from a male perspective. Thus for matrilateral cross cousin marriage, a man marries his mother’s brother’s daughter, although his wife is marrying patrilaterally, i.e., to her father’s sister’s son.

What is my mother’s brother’s daughter to me?

Father’s sisters and mother’s brothers are called other terms that are similar to “aunt” and “uncle.” Father’s brother’s children and mother’s sister’s children are called “brother” and “sister.” Then, if you are male, you call your father’s sister’s children “niece” and “nephew.” If you are female, you call your …

What is your mother’s daughter called?

That woman’s daughter is your mother’s first cousin. Since you are your mother’s child, you and her first cousin are first cousins once removed. You might feel like she is more of your aunt as you are of different generations, but the technical term is that you are first cousins once removed.

What does my child call my mother’s sister?

1. My mother’s sister would be my aunt. 2. The daughter of my mother’s sister would be my mother’s niece.

What is a nephew’s son called?

noun. a son of one’s nephew or niece; grandnephew.

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What is called uncle daughter?

A nephew is the son of someone’s brother or sister. A niece is the daughter of the person’s brother or sister. To the nephew or niece, the person is their uncle or aunt. … In some cultures and families, it is common to call the child of one’s cousin a “niece” or “nephew”.