Why father walks bride down the aisle?

What does father of bride do?

The dad escorts the bride down the aisle and ‘gives her away’ to the groom. You may do this on your own, or the bride’s mother may join you.

Who presents this bride to be married?

Sometimes a bride will adamantly prefer one over the other and either is fine to use. If a woman’s father is no longer living or available, another person may be designated to have the honor of this wedding vow. A brother, favorite uncle, grandfather, or any other member of the family may do this part of the ceremony.

What should a father give his daughter on her wedding day?

A ring dish or jewelry box is a great wedding day gift. Many ring dishes and jewelry boxes can also be personalized with the bride’s new name and wedding date to make it a keepsake she will never forget. If you want to give a really generous gift, you could gift a piece of jewelry with the ring dish or jewelry box.

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