Quick Answer: Is Hyde in my best friend’s wedding?

Is Danny Masterson in My Best Friend’s Wedding?

Following his role as Michael’s younger brother Scotty in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Masterson went on to appear in films such as Scary Movie 2, Intellectual Property and Wuthering Heights. Following in his brother’s footsteps, the actor also began a DJ career under the alias DJ Chris Kennedy.

Did Julia Roberts wear a wig in my best friend’s wedding?

The final version ends with Julianne (Julia Roberts) giving up on her quest to ruin the wedding of best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) and bride Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). … Roberts had to wear a wig over a new pixie cut.

Who does Jules end up with in my best friend’s wedding?

At the wedding reception, Julianne then dances with George, her gay, charismatic confidant played by Rupert Everett, and all is well. However, the ending was originally going to see Julianne meet a new man, played by the always lovely John Corbett of SATC and My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame.

Who are Julia Roberts best friends?

Julia Roberts and George Clooney

Roberts and Clooney’s friendship stretches back to 2001. They originally met when Ocean’s 11 was in the works, despite what fans may have thought. “We had actually never met before. People just thought we had,” Clooney told People in 2016 at Cannes.

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