Quick Answer: Are marquee weddings cold?

Can you have a marquee wedding in winter?

Well, the short answer is, yes. In the right conditions, a well-constructed marquee can be used in the winter for a wedding or event. If you’re considering using a marquee for your outdoor winter event there are a few things, you’ll want to consider when making arrangements.

Can you keep a marquee warm in winter?

During winters, a marquee tent also benefits with the addition of flooring systems and linings. Flooring insulates the ground, and lining the ceiling and walls with drapes keeps the heat inside. A combination of both these helps stabilise the temperature inside to keep your guests warm and toasty.

Do you need heaters in a marquee?

Not necessarily. In late spring, summer and early autumn, you will probably need some form of heating for events that run into the evening, when it gets cooler. … In autumn and winter, you should heat the marquee for at least an hour before your guests arrive, and keep the heaters on throughout the event.

Can you smoke in a marquee?

Can you use marquees as smoking areas? … But the law, as applied to marquees, is exactly the same as it is to any other structure. If it is ‘substantially enclosed’, smoking is banned. Substantially enclosed means having a ceiling or roof and more than 50 per cent enclosed by walls.

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What is the best way to heat a marquee?

The best way to heat a marquee is using an indirect marquee heater, this is the heater nearly all marquee hire companies use. All ignition is done outside of the marquee with ducting feeding (just) warm air in to the marquee.

Can you insulate a marquee?

Marquee heaters during winter

While many of the afore mentioned elements create a cosy environment and can help insulate against drafts, cold and damp, a marquee is still a temporary structure. A series of well-placed heater units will keep your structure and your guests toasty and warm all evening long.

How do you make a marquee COSY?

How to create a cosy atmosphere when you hire a marquee in the winter

  1. Make sure the heaters are on. The most important factor in creating a cosy wedding venue despite the cold is the heaters. …
  2. Add soft furnishings. …
  3. Use soft lighting. …
  4. Carefully consider your colour choices. …
  5. Start from the outside.

Do gazebos keep you warm?

When it comes to outdoor living, an essential product for every homeowner is a decent gazebo heater. … But we’re looking to heat gazebos! These allow you and your guests to stay warm on cold nights and create the perfect ambience. And with summer in full swing, these heaters can turn you into the perfect host.

Can you use a space heater in a marquee?

You should not use a direct fired heater to heat a marquee due to them not being safe for areas with limited ventilation & areas which are highly combustible such as the interior of a marquee. … This helps remove issues you would have with space if another type of heater was used.

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