Question: Can you wear black and red to a wedding?

Is it OK to wear red to a wedding?

The truth is that there’s really nothing wrong with wearing a red dress to a wedding. The real underlying issue with red is that it draws the eye, BIG time. … Especially if the dress color could be described as “fire engine red.” Bright red is just too loud and distracting. Deep cranberry is a good alternative.

What does wearing red to a wedding mean?

Despite the stodgy old rules that are still kicking around, there’s nothing wrong with wedding guests wearing a red dress to a wedding in all but a few circumstances (which we’ll talk about below). When you think about it, red is a beautiful color that can represent the passion and happiness of the day.

Is it tacky to wear red to a wedding?

If you are attending a wedding, just be mindful of choosing a red dress, in case you might come across as disrespectful to the couple. A bright and loud hue of red could be too distracting at a wedding. Instead, if you want to wear red, opt to wear darker shades of red instead.

Is a 4 o’clock wedding formal?

Typically, an evening wedding is more formal, while a daytime wedding is semi-formal or casual. Whether you’re going to a morning or afternoon wedding, you’ll want to look your best without being over or under-dressed.

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