Is backlog grooming necessary?

Why is backlog grooming important?

The primary purpose of a backlog grooming session is to ensure the next few sprints worth of user stories in the product backlog are prepared for sprint planning. Regular backlog grooming sessions also help ensure the right stories are prioritized and that the product backlog does not become a black hole.

When should backlog grooming be done?

Product backlog grooming often happens two to three days before the end of a sprint. There is almost always someone on the team who is frantically busy two or three days before the end of a sprint.

How often should you do backlog grooming?

If the team is working a one-week sprint cycle, running a backlog refinement meeting every week is a recommended practice. On the other, if you are working on a two-week sprint cycle, running these meetings every alternate week should be considered.

Is backlog refinement mandatory?

Myth: Refinement is a required meeting for the entire Scrum Team. … Product Backlog refinement is certainly an essential part of the Scrum Framework. But more often than not, it takes the form of a team passively sitting around a meeting table while a subset of the team discusses upcoming items in excruciating detail.

Who is responsible for backlog grooming?

Backlog grooming is a regular session where backlog items are discussed, reviewed, and prioritized by product managers, product owners, and the rest of the team. The primary goal of backlog grooming is to keep the backlog up-to-date and ensure that backlog items are prepared for upcoming sprints.

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Who should schedule the backlog grooming?

The Scrum Team decides how and when refinement is done.

Ideally, a single Scrum Team would refine the Product Backlog as an ongoing collaborative activity. Refinement would comprise about 10% of the team’s time, but members would not need to prescriptively “schedule” any “sessions” at all.

What is Agile Backlog Grooming?

Definition. Backlog refinement (formerly known as backlog grooming) is when the product owner and some, or all, of the rest of the team review items on the backlog to ensure the backlog contains the appropriate items, that they are prioritized, and that the items at the top of the backlog are ready for delivery.

What is sprint Backlog Refinement?

In Scrum, Backlog Refinement is an ongoing process in which the Product Owner and the Development Team collaborate to ensure that items on the Product Backlog: are understood the same way by all involved (shared understanding), have a size estimate for the (relative) complexity and effort of their implementation, and.