How do you use wedded?

How do you use wedded in a sentence?

Wedded in a Sentence

  1. The woman wedded her longtime boyfriend in a private ceremony on the beach.
  2. Although he could have wedded a wealthy princess, the prince chose to marry the poor girl with a heart of gold.
  3. The couple wedded in a small church ceremony, but had a big party to celebrate their union afterwards.

Is wedded a correct word?

It’s equally rare to see “wedded” as the past tense of “wed.” Yes, that’s right. “I wedded my husband 26 years ago this week” is grammatically correct. It certainly sounds clunky to modern ears, which is probably why most past tense references are “wed.” “Wedded” is overwhelmingly used as an adjective.

What does wedded mean?

adjective. united in matrimony; married: the wedded couple; a wedded woman. of or relating to marriage or to those married: the wedded state; wedded happiness. attached or dedicated, especially obstinately or unshakably: a fearless person wedded to a just cause.

How do you use wedded bliss in a sentence?

We asked other happily marrieds to give us their recipes for wedded bliss. A marriage full of passion and wedded bliss doesn’t just happen – it needs work. What’s the secret to such long-term wedded bliss? Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been wedded bliss.

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Is it correct to say newly wedded couple?

Just be aware that “the newly weds” is incorrect. This is a noun and should be written as a single word or as a hyphenated form: newlyweds or newly-weds.

What is wedded bliss?

humorous. : the happiness experienced by people who are married.

Are wedded to meaning?

DEFINITIONS1. to strongly support an idea. We shouldn’t be too strongly wedded to one particular solution. Synonyms and related words. To support an idea, plan or person.

What does not wedded to meaning?

To instill a belief or adherence to a particular belief or idea in one. Often used in passive constructions. You’ll need to wed our investors to your plan if you want the funding to execute it. I wasn’t wedded to the idea at first, but the more they explained it to me, the more convinced I became.

Who weds who man or woman?

A bridegroom (usually shortened to groom) is a man who is about to be married, or who has just been married. The female partner is known as the bride, who is typically attended by one or more bridesmaids and a maid or matron of honor.