How do you store a wedding dress train?

How do you store a dress on a train?

If you have a long train on your dress you’ll also have a loop hanger on the end of the train. Pull this out and hook it on to the hook of the hanger so that it’s not getting crumpled in the bottom of your dress bag.

Can I store my wedding dress in a vacuum bag?

Never store your dress in a vacuum sealed bag or plastic container! While this may seem like a great way to preserve your gown, plastic containers or bags emit fumes that can yellow or discolor the fabric. Additionally, moisture trapped within the container can cause a buildup of mildew or mold.

Is it bad luck to get rid of your wedding dress?

Although selling your wedding dress is probably not actually bad luck, like many brides, you may want to keep it as a cherished memory for yourself. Keeping it can allow you to pass it on to a family member later. … At a minimum, you will want to have your dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

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