How do you add engagement history to lightning component?

How do I enable engagement history in Salesforce?

Steps to enable Engagement History

  1. Firstly check what version your org is. …
  2. Next, ensure users have the correct permission set in order to view Engagement History. …
  3. In Salesforce, go to Setup, and from the Quick Find box, search for Pardot and select Engagement History.

What is Salesforce engagement?

Salesforce Engage is a Pardot product on a mission to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. You could say that it’s the Salesforce sales user’s window into relevant marketing information in Pardot, aiding transparency across teams.

What is Analytics view only embedded app?

The Analytics View Only Embedded App permissions set license gives your sales and marketing users access to analytics data and Engagement History Dashboards, but doesn’t allow access to Tableau CRM Analytics Studio. The data inside Engagement History Dashboards originates from Pardot, and is pushed into Tableau CRM.

What is included in digital engagement Salesforce?

Salesforce Digital Engagement is a way to respond to messages via different channels including WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat.

How do I engage in Salesforce?

Set Up Salesforce Engage

  1. Considerations for Salesforce Engage Setup. …
  2. Linking Engage and Pardot Users. …
  3. Assign Engage Licenses and Permission Sets. …
  4. Assign Send on Behalf of Permissions. …
  5. Edit Salesforce Engage Settings. …
  6. Add Engage to the Salesforce Mobile App. …
  7. Use the Add to Nurture Action in Page Layouts.
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How do I send an Engage email in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, navigate to your lead or contact list. Select your recipients, and click Send Engage Emails. (Optional) If Send on Behalf Of is enabled, select a sender in the From dropdown. Compose your email, and send when finished.

What is B2BMA?

B2BMA comes with 5 standard dashboards that allow you to view your data. They are the Engagement Dashboard, Marketing Manager Dashboard, Sales Pipeline, Multi-Touch Attribution Dashboard, and Account Based Management Dashboard.

How do I enable Pardot lightning?

Give Users Access to the Pardot Lightning App

  1. From Marketing Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Manage Connected Apps , then select b2bma_canvas.
  2. Use Manage Profiles and Manage Permission Sets to assign the connected app to the profiles or permissions sets for users who need access to the Pardot Lightning app.

What is engagement history dashboard?

An Engagement History Dashboard is powered by Tableau CRM, and gives sales and marketing users the power to explore and visualize important data. … The dashboard shows widgets that are tailored to each type of record.