Frequent question: How do wedding planners find vendors?

How do wedding planners work with vendors?

As a planner, you are an advisor, but you do not contract or pay vendors on behalf of your client. The contract is always between the couple and the service provider. This removes you from the liability of being the responsible party for all contractual agreements.

Do wedding planners get a cut from vendors?

In reality, many wedding/event planners require kickbacks from their preferred vendors. Anywhere between 5% to 20% of the contracted amount is expected to be paid back to the planner as a commission on the referral. … Vendors are welcome to reject such agreements but don’t expect referrals.

How do you choose wedding vendors?

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Vendors

  1. First, a few basics: …
  2. Do your homework with your fiancé and set a ballpark budget in advance. …
  3. Determine if your personalities mesh well. …
  4. Ask for client referrals. …
  5. Get everything that’s included in writing, down to the smallest detail. …
  6. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Do wedding planners help find venues?

While wedding couples may not choose to hire a wedding planner to assist in the entire wedding planning process, it is possible to have a planner just help to find the perfect venue!

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Where do wedding planners make the most money?

Highest paying cities in United States for Wedding Planners

  • 6 salaries reported. $23.98. per hour.
  • Los Angeles, CA. 8 salaries reported. $20.21. per hour.
  • San Diego, CA. 6 salaries reported. $18.62. per hour.
  • Chandler, AZ. 43 salaries reported. $18.14. per hour.
  • Temecula, CA. 12 salaries reported. $18.12. per hour.

When Should You Fire Your wedding planner?

Making the decision to terminate the services of your wedding planner less than 90 days before your wedding is a huge decision. Never lose your temper and fire your wedding planner on the spot as it can only make your life more difficult.

How do you tell a vendor you no longer need their services?

Explain why you’re canceling your service. For example, “We’ve decided to take our marketing services in-house and will no longer require the services of a consulting company.” If you’re canceling because you had a bad experience with the company, and you opt to bring the issue to their attention, do so professionally.