Best answer: Why did Robb have to marry a Frey?

Why did Robb have to marry Talisa?

Firstly, Robb was raised in an interfaith home – Ned takes the Old Gods, but Catelyn, as a Tully, keeps the New Gods. Winterfell had a Septa, who at least taught Arya and Sansa, and so the Stark children have grown-up around both religions. … Robb & Talisa wanted to marry quickly, and weren’t in the North.

Who was Robb Stark promised to marry?

Robb Stark and his mother, Catelyn, are at the Twins for the wedding of his uncle Edmure Tully to one of the daughters of Walder Frey. This marriage is a consolation prize of sorts — Robb was supposed to marry one of Lord Frey’s daughters, but broke his word and married Talisa instead.

Is Talisa a spy?

After reviewing this evidence, I’ve decided that Talisa being a spy is at least plausible within the TV series. First, we do know that Oona Chaplin was announced as playing Jeyne Westerling, and then her name was changed later. … She could still be a spy and not be “Jeyne” though.

Who betrayed Robb Stark at the Red Wedding?

Even though Walder swore a sacred oath that Robb, Catelyn and the then-pregnant Talisa would all be safe under his roof for the wedding, he, along with Roose and with the backing of Tywin Lannister, betrayed the Starks, and Bolton and his men killed all three.

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Who does Arya Stark marry?

Arya Stark

Artwork by John Picacio©
Born In 289 AC (age 11), at Winterfell
Spouse(s) Lord Ramsay Bolton (allegedly)
Father Lord Eddard Stark
Mother Lady Catelyn Tully

Is Jeyne Westerling pregnant?

According to Lady Sybell, she made certain that Jeyne was not pregnant with Robb’s child, on the orders of Lord Tywin Lannister. The mobile application A World of Ice and Fire states that Sybell’s posset prevented Jeyne from conceiving.

Who married the Frey girl?