You asked: What was the point of the Red Wedding?

Who killed everyone at the Red Wedding?

Even though Walder swore a sacred oath that Robb, Catelyn and the then-pregnant Talisa would all be safe under his roof for the wedding, he, along with Roose and with the backing of Tywin Lannister, betrayed the Starks, and Bolton and his men killed all three.

Why was Robb Stark killed off?

George Martin has said that he decided to kill Robb Stark because he wished to keep the story difficult to predict: “I killed Ned because everybody thinks he’s the hero … The next predictable thing is to think his eldest son is going to rise up and avenge his father. And everybody is going to expect that.

How did the blackfish escape the Red Wedding?

Tom informed Edmure of LSH’s plans for the Freys and they made a escape plan for the Blackfish. Edmure went into Riverrun, told Bryden everything. They raised the portcullis and he escaped into the river.

Why did Roose Bolton let Jaime go?

He lets Jaime go because he is secretly planning to betray the Starks and side with Tywin for a nice promotion. He keeps Brienne to placate Vargo Hoat, who has (ill-fated) hope of a sapphire ransom.

What did they eat at the Red Wedding?

Right, so.

  • The wedding feast began with a thin leek soup…
  • … followed by a salad of green beans, onions, and beets, river pike poached in almond milk…
  • … mounds of mashed turnips that were cold before they reached the table…
  • …jellied calves’ brains…
  • … and a leche of stringy beef.
  • It was poor fare to set before a king…
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