Why does Jane Eyre marry Rochester?

Does Jane Eyre marry Rochester?

She is ten at the beginning of the novel, and nineteen or twenty at the end of the main narrative. As the final chapter of the novel states that she has been married to Edward Rochester for ten years, she is approximately thirty at its completion.

Is Jane’s marriage with Rochester a happy ending in Jane Eyre if not why?

The ending, in which Jane and Rochester marry, is happy, if bittersweet. It is bittersweet because Rochester has been disabled by the Thornfield fire, losing a hand and his eyesight.

How did Jane finally marry Rochester?

Rochester and Jane finally marry with a quiet ceremony. Immediately, Jane writes to the Rivers, explaining what she has done. Diana and Mary both approve of her marriage, but Jane receives no response from St. … She feels blessed beyond anything language can express, because she and Rochester love each other absolutely.

Why was the wedding between Jane and Rochester called off?

Affection-starved Jane only realizes her “master” loves her after he pushes her toward an appalling apex of emotional cruelty. He intends to marry her rival, he implies. … The wedding is called off, so Rochester makes one last bid for Jane’s love, begging her to stay and live with him as his bigamous mistress.

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Does Rochester really love Jane?

The relationship between Jane Eyre and Edward Fairfax Rochester plays a major part in the novel of Jane Eyre, as Rochester turns out to be the love of Jane’s life. At first she finds him rather impolite and cold-hearted, but soon they become kindred souls.

Is Mr Rochester handsome?

Rochester is not classically handsome. As Jane describes him, he is of middling height, has a harsh face, and is past his first youth. She falls in love with him for reasons other than his looks.

Does Blanche marry Rochester?

Rochester confides that he has finally decided to marry Blanche Ingram and tells Jane that he knows of an available governess position in Ireland that she could take. Jane expresses her distress at the great distance that separates Ireland from Thornfield.

Is Jane Eyre rich at the end?

This ending culminates Jane’s quest for stability and happiness. From childhood, Jane depended on the good will of others due to her lack of family and wealth. Now, Jane’s fortune has reversed. In her marriage to Rochester, he must depend on Jane for sight, and she possesses her own fortune.

Why does Jane fall in love with Rochester?

Jane marries Rochester because she views him as her emotional home. From the start of the novel, Jane struggles to find people she can connect with emotionally. … Another possible reason for their marriage is that Jane’s newfound independence and maturity allow her to follow her heart on her own terms.

Why does Jane forgive Rochester?

Rochester for his treatment of her. She forgives him for attempting to make her jealous by courting another woman. She later forgives him for attempting to marry her despite the fact that he was already married. Most of the examples of forgives in the novel come from Jane because she is the main character.

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How much older is Rochester than Jane?

Rochester is about twenty years older than Jane. He is likely between the ages of thirty-five and forty, while Jane is about nineteen.