Who is still married from don’t tell the bride?

Do they really get married on don’t tell the bride?

The ceremonies aren’t actually legal

During the weddings the couples promise to be with each other until “death do us part” however they ceremonies aren’t actually legally binding. … “It makes a bit of a mockery of the process that the bride and groom go through this huge ordeal for a ceremony which isn’t even legal.”

Do you get paid for going on don’t tell the bride?

Are Don’t Tell The Bride Weddings Real? The premise of Don’t Tell The Bride is this: a couple are given money for their wedding ceremony, but every aspect must be organised by the (often hapless) groom in just three weeks with no contact from the (very stressed) bride.

What happened to Craig and Sofia?

Eventually, the couple agreed to say their vows – however unenthusiastically – but decided against making the marriage legally-binding. At the end of the show, E4 stated: “At the time of making this programme Craig and Sofia had decided not to make their wedding legal and were working together on their relationship.”

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