What is the unwritten rule of the wedding dance?

Why is Awiyao going to remarry?

Awiyao is going to marry another woman, Madulimay, because Lumnay was not able to give him a child. … He promised her that if he fails to have a child, he will come back to her.

What type of character is Awiyao?

– Awiyao is a strong, muscular man. – Initially, he is depicted cold at heart as he enters his house and asks his wife Lumnay to come to the wedding dance. – But as the story progresses the warmth of his heart is revealed in both the house and his face.

What is the situation of Awiyao and Lumnay is marriage?

Jungian Approach (Individualization)Awiyao’s decision to have a divorce with Lumnay and marry Madulimay is due to his insecurity and unlikeness to other men in theirtribe. He has no child that will inherit his possessions unlike the other man.

Did Awiyao really love Lumnay?

All things in the world change, but only true love is timeless. Lumnay stayed single and still waited for Awiyao despite of anything Awiyao have done to her; that’s true love. Awiyao also loved Lumnay but his decision was clouded by their tradition.

Do you think Lumnay is a good wife?

Do you think Lumnay is a good wife? Lumnay is a tough, graceful woman who is also an industrious worker. She was a loving wife to Awiyao, but after the failure to give him an offspring, she has to suffer separation from the love of her life.

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What is your reaction towards Awiyao marriage to Madulimay?

It presented the situation of lovers who where they must let go of extreme emotions to give way for the man to marry another woman. Awiyao couldn’t bare the sadness seen in Lumnay’s face anymore. They had to ignore the call of their hearts and free each other—- just for a shallow view of an unwritten law.