Question: Do royal brides have to cover their shoulders?

Do royal brides have to have sleeves?

Royal brides are expected to maintain a certain level of modesty when it comes to their wedding gowns. Because of this, it has become tradition, albeit an unofficial one, that royal wedding dresses feature long sleeves.

Can Royals show their shoulders?

However, the Suits-actress-turned-princess has already overlooked one Royal fashion rule: exposing her shoulders. Fashion tradition usually dictates that royal women do not wear off-shoulder or other more revealing styles.

What is the royal family not allowed to wear?

Members of the Royal Family will not wear military uniform at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on Saturday. The move, which has reportedly been approved by the Queen, is a break from tradition, and in contrast to the heavy military influence to the rest of the funeral.

Do royal brides wear necklaces?

Typically, royal wedding gowns require a level of coverage that leaves little room for necklaces and bold cuffs–and Meghan’s gown followed suit.

Do royal weddings have groomsmen?

While the bride and groom can now have an adult best man and maid of honor (a rule broken by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), the rest of their wedding party — aka, bridesmaids and groomsmen — must consist of children.

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