Question: Did Erin Walton stay married?

What happened to Erin Walton’s husband?

Although it’s Erin’s most successful relationship, it doesn’t really end too spectacularly. It is later revealed during one of the reunion movies that the two got divorced because Paul was unfaithful. … She married Rob Wickstrom in 1988 and the two divorced in 1996. She has been with her current husband since 2011.

Did Erin Walton get married on the Waltons?

Morgan Stevens (born October 16, 1951, in Knoxville, Tennessee) is an American actor, primarily seen on television. He appeared as Paul Northridge in one episode of The Waltons and in three reunion movies. In A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain, his character married the character of Erin Walton (Mary Elizabeth McDonough).

Did Erin marry Ashley Longworth on the Waltons?

The last Erin heard about her ex-boyfriend, Ashley Longworth, Jr. was that he’d gone to war, but he didn’t return to her. Instead, he married another woman. Now, a widower, he’s come to win Erin back.

Is Erin Walton married in real life?

Los Angeles, California, U.S. Mary Elizabeth McDonough (born May 4, 1961), sometimes credited as Mary Beth McDonough, is an American actress and writer, best known for her role as Erin Walton on The Waltons from 1972 to 1981.


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Year 1972-1981
Title The Waltons
Role Erin Walton
Notes Main role (213 episodes)

Does Erin Walton get divorced?

Erin is a sub teacher. She is now divorced from Paul Northridge on account of his cheating and has partial custody of their children.

Did the cast of The Waltons get along?

The show starred actors including Eric Scott, Mary Beth McDonough, Philip Leacock, and more, and having spent so much time together over the years, it is likely that they all had a great relationship.

Did Mary Ellen and Jonesy divorce?

D.H., Orlando. ANSWER: Mary Ellen (Judy Norton-Taylor) married Dr. … The romance was threatened when Curt was discovered not to have died after all, but the two decided their marriage had ended and divorced. The series ended in 1981, but Mary Ellen married Jonesy in a made-for-TV movie in 1982.

Did Ashley Longworth ever appear on the Waltons?

No news of Ashley was ever revealed until “The Waltons” episodes titled “The Legacy” and “The Lost Sheep.” During the episodes, Ashley’s son Ashley Longworth Jr. returns to Waltons Mountain. And Emily Baldwin is faced with all her emotions from the past.

Does Elizabeth Walton marry Drew?

They pursue their relationship throughout the rest of the series. Drew goes away to college. Drew later returns to Walton’s Mountain to work in the mill, and Elizabeth tells her father that she will eventually marry Drew.

Elizabeth Walton.

Elizabeth Tyler Walton Cutler
Actor Kami Cotler
Status Alive

What Happened to Baby Virginia Walton?

Virginia Walton was only ever depicted on screen as a baby (in the show’s final two seasons) and a toddler in the 1982 reunion special Mother’s Day on Walton’s Mountain. However, fans came to know that she had died at the age of 17, int he fourth TV film, A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion.

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