How often do golden retrievers need to be groomed?

At what age should a Golden Retriever be groomed?

We recommend starting at 12-weeks of age. The very first grooming appointment is an introduction to the puppy and the owner to the world of grooming. The puppy with be introduced to a bath, blow drying, nail clipping, and slight trimming.

Is it OK to shave Golden Retriever?

Simply put, there really isn’t a good reason to shave your golden. Instead of shaving away your golden’s natural protection, vigilantly guard your golden’s activity in the hot summer and follow the basic grooming steps below.

How short should you cut a golden retrievers hair?

Trim the fur on your Golden Retriever’s feet and legs.

  • The fur on your dog’s feet should be short, around a 1/2 inch long, and should lay down smooth against the surface of the foot.
  • Also inspect the Golden Retriever’s pads while you are focusing on their feet.

Should you brush a golden retriever puppy?

Golden retriever puppies aren’t fierce shedders like their adult counterparts. However, you do want to brush them early and often to get them used to being brushed. Give them a lot of treats and keep the brushing sessions short and fun so that they learn to like being brushed.

Can you keep golden retriever hair short?

Though it’s not a good idea to shave your golden retriever’s hair, some owners are desperate for ways to keep their pup’s hair shorter in hot, humid weather. … For this cut, the body is clipped to a shorter length, and the legs are scissored in the natural shape of the dog’s coat.

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How do you stop a golden retriever from shedding?

7 Ways to Manage Golden Retriever Shedding

  1. Brush Your Golden Frequently. …
  2. Bathe Your Golden Retriever Regularly. …
  3. Take Your Golden Retriever for a Swim. …
  4. Feed Your Dog a High-Quality Food. …
  5. Keep Your Dog’s Stress Level Low. …
  6. Keep Your Couch Clean by Giving Your Dog a Comfortable Bed. …
  7. Color-Coordinate with Your Golden.