How many carats is Camilla Parker Bowles engagement ring?

How much did Camilla’s engagement ring cost?

That ring, which has become one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in the world, costs over $35,000 in 1981. Today, the duchess’ ring is worth more than $370,000.

Which Royal has the most expensive engagement ring?

Just over 50 years on from Elizabeth and Philip’s engagement, Sophie Rhys-Jones & Prince Edward tied the knot. But this was no customary ring – the 2.05 carat, white gold engagement ring is thought to be the most expensive royal engagement ring ever purchased, with an estimated value of £105,000.

Why did Princess Diana choose a sapphire?

Instead of commissioning a one-of-a-kind design as was the royal custom, Diana selected the sapphire ring from Garrard’s existing catalog. Why was this such a big deal? It meant commoners could also have access to the same jewels as the royal family (given they could afford a $60,000 ring).

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