How does Daisy act the night before her wedding?

How does Daisy behave the night before the wedding and why?

How does Daisy behave the night before her wedding? That she gets drunk and tries to throw out a expensive pearl necklace that tom gave to her. She is having second thoughs about marrying tom and that she has received a letter that made her upset.

Why does Daisy cry the day before her wedding?

Why? According to Jordan, Daisy got drunk, cried and through her pearls away that Tom had given her and she almost called off the wedding. She did this because of a letter she recieved from Gatsby.

How does Daisy behave before marrying?

Daisy’s family didn’t approve of the match and so she eventually turned her attentions away from Gatsby and to Tom Buchanan. On the day before the wedding, Daisy reconsidered her actions but after a drunken cry, she thought better of her situation and married Tom. The following April, Daisy gave birth to a daughter.

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Why would Daisy be drinking crying and holding onto the letter the night before her wedding?

Nick has told us that Daisy does not drink, yet after reading this letter, she is rather drunk. … This letter and Daisy’s reaction to it help the reader to sympathize with Daisy’s character; we gain an understanding that perhaps she doesn’t want to be married to Tom. Maybe she is worthy of Gatsby’s attention and love.

What was Daisy clutching in her hand that was coming to pieces?

She was trying to say goodbye to Gatsby before he left for war. She was going to marry Tom instead of Gatsby. She was going to see Jordan in her golf tournament. What was Daisy clutching in her hand that was “coming to pieces like snow” after her bridesmaids got her into a cold bath?

Why does Daisy marry Tom connect this to her paralysis?

Daisy married Tom Buchanan because of his mass amount of opulence and his social standing. Divorce is not an option for her so she felt trapped or paralyzed in her situation. Her feeling of being paralyzed is also portrayed when she reveals her feeling about the birth of her child.

What happened on Daisy wedding day?

According to Jordan, what did Daisy do on her wedding day? … According to Jordan, Daisy had gotten drunk. The reason that being is because Gatsby had given her a letter, when he was in the war. This reveals that when she was in love with Tom(the engagement and the marriage), she was still in love with Gatsby.

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Why does Daisy almost not marry Tom?

Jordan mentions that Daisy told her to give Tom back the expensive pearl necklace he bought and to call off the wedding. … Daisy is portrayed as a materialistic, shallow individual, who prefers wealth over love, which is why she decides to stay with Tom rather than marry Gatsby toward the end of the novel.

What does Nick think of Gatsby’s plan to come over to Nick’s house when Daisy is over for tea?

Nick realizes that Gatsby is nervous because he wants Nick to agree to his plan of inviting Daisy over for tea. Nick tells Gatsby that he will help him with the plan. Overjoyed, Gatsby immediately offers to have someone cut Nick’s grass.

What valuable present does Tom give Daisy the night before wedding?

What valuable present does Tom give Daisy the night before wedding? Tom’s wedding present to Daisy was a pearl necklace worth $350,000 (over five million dollars in today’s money). Jordan was one of Daisy’s bridesmaids. The night before the wedding, she found Daisy completely wasted, holding a letter.