How do you legally get married in Northern Ireland?

What do you need to get married in Northern Ireland?

Documents needed

  • your full (long version) birth or adoption certificate.
  • your passport or national identity card – the Registrar can advise on alternatives if you do not hold either of these.
  • a consent form (if you aged 16 or 17)

Can you get married at home in Northern Ireland?

If you are having a religious or Humanist ceremony, you can get married anywhere in Northern Ireland. Just like an elopement, you really are spoiled for choice for where to get married. Northern Ireland is the best place in Europe for elopements and intimate weddings.

How much notice do you have to give to get married in Northern Ireland?

You must give notice in the 12 months before the date of your marriage or civil partnership. You must present your notice early enough to allow the registrar to make sure both parties are free to marry one another. The minimum period of notice is 28 days.

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How much does it cost to get married in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland was found to be the fourth cheapest place to get married, with an average total cost of £13,772. The research, carried out by also found that the highest supplier cost of a wedding in the UK is the catering, which costs on average £6,567.

What documents do I need to get married?

Marriage license

  • Driver’s licenses or passports (government-issued photo ID)
  • Birth certificates.
  • Social Security number.
  • Divorce decree if you were previously married and are divorced.
  • Death decree if you were previously married and are widowed.
  • Parental consent if you are underage.

How quickly can I get married?

Under normal circumstances a couple must give Notice of Marriage and then wait 28 and sometimes 70 days before they can get married or form a civil partnership.

Who can officiate a wedding in Northern Ireland?

Important Legal Note:

Under the Marriage (Northern Ireland) Order 2003, you must give Notice to Marry to the registry office. A legal marriage ceremony can then be performed by a registered religious or humanist officiant or a registrar. As an independent celebrant, I can’t do the ‘legal bit’ at your ceremony.

Is it legal to marry your cousin Northern Ireland?

There is no legal restriction on the marriage of first cousins. You may not marry your: Grandmother or grandfather. Mother or father.

Do you have to inform HMRC when you get married?

As well as informing HMRC of any name, address or income changes, you also need to inform them of any changes to your relationship or family circumstances. So, if you get married or enter into a civil partnership, or if you divorce, separate or stop living with your husband, wife or partner, HMRC Need to know.

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Can you get married without giving notice?

You and your partner must give notice of marriage in your local Register Office, whether or not you wish to marry in that district. If you and your partner live in different places, you’ll both have to go to your own local Register Office to give notice. … You have to get married within 12 months of giving notice.