Frequent question: Who invented Italian wedding soup?


What is the origin of Italian wedding soup?

According to, this soup originated in Naples and its original Italian name is really minestra maritata, which means “married soup” in relation to the “marriage” or unity of all the ingredients. The ingredients consist of leafy, bitter greens (chard, kale, chicory, etc.)

What is the meaning of wedding soup?

The famous American-Italian invention known as wedding soup gets its name from the Italian words minestra, meaning soup, and maritata which means married, referring to the delicious and harmonious union of flavors coming from meat and vegetables in a clear chicken broth.

Is wedding soup an East Coast thing?

Mostly you’ll find this soup in Italian restaurants on the East Coast in the US, but its popularity is growing. There are a number of different variants of Italian wedding soup, but most recipes for it call for the addition of tiny meatballs, which can be made of pork, pork and beef mixed together, or ground poultry.

How do you say wedding soup in Italian?

The term “wedding soup” is actually a mis-translation of the Italian phrase minestra maritata, which literally translates to “married soup.”

What’s the difference between minestrone and Italian wedding soup?

Here is my take on Italian Wedding Soup and a Vegetable Minestrone. Traditional Italian Wedding Soup usually has small meatballs, tiny pasta, fresh spinach, all amidst a chicken-based stock. … This Mini Meatball Minestrone is perfect on a cold night and makes for ample leftovers.

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What can you use instead of escarole in Italian wedding soup?

The escarole in this soup can be replaced with mustard greens, turnip greens, kale, chard, spinach, or cabbage, so feel free to substitute. The meat can be the more traditional ground pork or half ground pork and half ground beef. Feeling lazy, I made the meatballs a little larger than usual.