Do I need my birth certificate to get married in Japan?

What documents do you need to get married in Japan?


  • Duly accomplished application form.
  • Valid Passport – Original and one (1) copy.
  • Residence Card or visa in Japan – Original and one (1) copy.
  • DFA authenticated PSA issued Birth Certificate – Original and one (1) copy.
  • DFA authenticated PSA issued Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) – Original and one (1) copy.

How do I register my marriage in Japan?

If you wish to officially get married in Japan, you may do so by reporting your marriage to the municipal office in the ward (or city, town or village) of either your or your spouse’s area of residence. Your marriage notification becomes effective immediately following the acceptance by the office.

Can you get married without documentation?

Yes, now you have the option to marry without the bells and whistles of a big wedding ceremony. The wedding can be your choice of easy, simple and quick paperwork only marriage NSW ceremony, any day of the week or weekend, and any time.

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How easy is it to get married in Japan?

The easiest way to get married is to just register at the ward office (区役所, kuyakusho). It should be noted that getting married in Japan requires this civil marriage registration (結婚届け、kekkon todoke) by the couple at the Japanese municipal government office for the area in which they reside.

Can a spouse visa be denied in Japan?

“Income” is the point of visa examination for Japanese spouse, etc. … This means that if the marriage of the two is not financially stable, it will be a public burden such as receiving welfare, and you cannot live a marriage as an independent couple, you will not be able to accept a visa.

Can visitors get married in Japan?

Japanese law requires all foreigners who marry in Japan to first prepare a sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry, affirming they are legally free to marry, from their own country’s embassy or consulate in Japan. This is a notarial service. You will need to make an appointment.

What is the average age to get married in Japan?

According to a statistic about the mean age at first marriage, men and women in Japan are getting married later than previous generations. In 2019, it was estimated that the average age of women who marry for the first time was 29.6 years, while men were on average 31.2 years old when they first got married.

Can you work with a spouse visa in Japan?

The Spouse (Dependents) Visa allows the Applicant to carry on normal daily activities in Japan but does not allow the Applicant to work. However, once the Spouse (Dependents) Visa has been formally granted, it may be possible for the Applicant to apply for permission to work part time.

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How can I apply for spouse visa in Japan?

Application for a Spouse of a Japanese National Visa

  1. One photo (40 mm x 30 mm).
  2. One Certificate of Eligibility (在留資格認定証明書 zairyu shikaku nintei shomeisho).
  3. Your passport or resident card (在留カード).
  4. One application form for a change of status of residence (pdf or excel).

Does your name automatically change when you get married?

Since your name does not change automatically when you get married, you have to make sure you follow all the necessary legal steps to changing your name after the wedding.

Can a pastor marry you without a wedding?

No. You cannot get married without a wedding officiant. Judges, Ministers and other people who legally sign marriage licenses are acting as a wedding officiant when they marry you. … When the judge or the minister sign your marriage license, they are both acting as a wedding officiant.