Did Serena and Gabriel get married?

Is Serena married to Gabriel?

Serena explains how she got back together with Dan Humphrey but broke up again, and she’s still friends with Blair. … It’s revealed that Serena believes that she married Gabriel after they hooked up, although she finds out it didn’t really happen. They enter into a relationship in Seder Anything.

What did Gabriel do Serena?

But by the time we cut to the next episode, Gabriel crashes a seder dinner at the Waldorfs, sweeps Serena off her feet with lines like “I only have eyes for one girl, and she’s the most exquisite thing in the world,” and starts glad-handing every parent on the Upper East Side.

Who is Gabriel to Serena?

Gabriel is Madison’s parasitic twin. Their mother, Serena, became pregnant with them after being raped at age 15 and decided to carry it to term.

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