Can you get married on a Saturday in Mauritius?

Can weddings be on Saturday?

You do not have to get married on a Saturday, but this day is still favoured by many as it eases planning for both couple and guests. On a Saturday, your wedding guests will have fewer time-constraints. Your wedding ceremony can start earlier and the reception run later into the night without guests having to leave.

Is it easy to get married in Mauritius?

While getting married in Mauritius has ample obvious benefits, finding a venue from afar can be difficult. That’s why opting to have it at a resort or hotel that offers exceptional wedding packages is an excellent alternative to doing everything yourself.

Can you legally get married in Mauritius?

Mauritius is the chosen venue for sweethearts from all over the world to hold their wedding ceremony. Almost all nationalities of the world can have a legal wedding here in the beautiful paradise island of Mauritius.

Is it better to have a wedding on a Saturday or Sunday?

Absolutely—but there are a few things to keep in mind. Saturday nights are the most common choices for weddings because they’re super convenient for everyone. Guests can travel on Friday evening or Saturday morning, and then head home on Sunday, all without having to take time off work to be able to celebrate with you.

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Is Sunday a good day to marry?

The Saturday or Sunday before is the best time to get married on this holiday weekend. Even more so, if you’re planning a wedding that will last way into the night. This gives you and your guests the morale to dance all night long, without fear, as everyone has an extra day to recover from the fun.

How much does a wedding cost in Mauritius?

Destination Weddings in Mauritius are relatively inexpensive compared to many other destination locations, and some of the resorts include complete wedding packages and organizers. The average wedding in Mauritius costs around $10,000.

Can UK citizens get married in Mauritius?

A marriage performed in Mauritius is legally recognized by British Law. The civil ceremony is similar to any British Registry Office ceremony. There is no legal obligation to register the wedding in the UK although it can be done through the British Consulate in Mauritius for a nominal fee.

Can a South African get married in Mauritius?

If you therefore plan on getting married in Mauritius and your husband is a South African citizen, it is clear that your marriage will be in community of property, unless you enter into an antenuptial contract in which your marital property disposition is clearly set out.

Can a foreigner get married in Mauritius?

You must be in Mauritius for at least 1 day before you can get married. For non-residents of Mauritius you may apply to the Civil Status Division for a certificate stating that they are not residents of Mauritius. … Notice of your intent to marry will then be posted, and you may then marry the following day.

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