Can I get married in Rhodes?

Can you get legally married in Rhodes?

There is a Roman Catholic Church on Rhodes Island, where weddings can take place, the ceremony and requirements are exactly the same as in your home country. There is also a Synagogue and Protestant Church on Rhodes Island. Full Birth Certificate, the shorter version of the Certificate will not be accepted.

How many days do you have to be in Rhodes to get married?

A: Providing your legal documents have been checked and everything is in order, there is no law that states you must be on the island for a certain numbers of days; however it is recommended you arrive minimum of three full days prior to your wedding day.

Can foreigners get married in Greece?

You need not reside in Greece to marry in Greece, but the bureaucratic process to obtain a marriage certificate can take several weeks. You may be required to present a marriage license issued by your State of residence in the United States. … Foreigners who permanently reside in Greece should possess a residence permit.

How much is a wedding in Rhodes?

Basic wedding package can be around 1000euro … reception per head 20-50 then drinks packages, venue cost for 120 you would probably need an exclusive restaurant some can costs min 3000 euro. transport cost etc.

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What do you need to get married in Rhodes?

Original full length birth certificate for both Bride and Groom, showing the names of your parents. Original Decree absolute carrying a black or red sealed court stamp, if either person has been previously married and now divorced. Also any former Marriage Certificates.

How quickly can you get married in Greece?

You’ll also have to go through a waiting period between your application for marriage and your wedding day. This waiting period will vary depending on the municipality where you choose to marry, but can take anywhere from a week to a few months. For a civil marriage license, you can expect a seven-day waiting period.

How do you legally get married in Greece?

What are the legal requirements to get married in Greece?

  1. FULL birth certificate of the bride and groom,
  2. Certificate of no impediment to marriage or marriage license or capacity to marry of the bride and groom,
  3. Divorce / adoption / change of name certificates where applied,
  4. Passports of the bride and groom.

Where can I get married in Lindos?

Lindos Wedding venue St Pauls Chapel is one of the most stunning and natural wedding venues on Rhodes. The Chapel of St Pauls is set in the secluded bay and your guests will be amazed at the setting, the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs with crystal clear water and the magnificent acropolis behind you.